Quiz 1 : Pan Card Form 49A क्या हैं

Pan Card Form 49A

A) Income tax declaration form
B) Application for cancellation of PAN card
C) Form required for making PAN card
D) none

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PAN Card is Permanent Account Number given by Income Tax Department. PAN card is used to pay income tax. This document is recognized by the Government. When a person needs to make a PAN, then he / she is making an online application in which the PAN Card Form 49A is also required to be filled. If you want to uti pan track, You have to wait until you accept the application.For Pan Tracking you will have to go to the Income Tax Department India official website. For Pan Status Check you first have to select the PAN type. After this, application number will be entered.
Whoever is applying for PAN card, has to fill his personal details for Form 49a like Name Address Contact Mobile number Account number along with photograph and signature, first two pages in the phone should be filled by the applicant and in the remaining pages Form 49a Guidelines for filling are given by reading which you can increase the application in the right way.

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